Product Features

We heard you! PaySchools Events is excited to give you the exact tools you need to sell tickets, track attendance, collect registration data and organize event reporting.

Customization Features

Branded Event Registration

Custom event images, ticket branding, event description

Private Event Controls

Limit registration to a select group by creating access codes and/or personal invitations.

Email Invitation Feature

Promote your event to your contacts through our custom email option.

Email Tickets & Confirmations

Buyers and registrants receive purchase confirmation and order summary receipt in real time.

Custom Interactive Seat Map

Allow buyers to select reserved seats for your special event.

Document Collection

Ability to allow users to upload documents as a requirement for registration

Back Office Features

Custom Data Collection

Collect, download and organize desired information from each purchaser or registrant.

Attendance Tracking

Use smart devices or admin controls to scan and record attendees.

Detailed Reporting

Record and organization all financials and data collected from each buyer and/or registrant. Create reports based on event needs.

Exportable Marketing Data

Utilize all data collected from past events to increase attendance and communicate with event supporters.

Financial Transaction Features

Online Credit Card Sales

Allow buyers to conveniently purchase tickets and/or register online using credit or debit cards.

Track Cash/Check Payments

One consistent financial solution and ticket generation for event entirety.

Scanning Redemption No Hardware Purchase Needed

Use smart devices, tablets or laptops to easily track attendance and ticket redemption.

Offer Discounts/Promotions

Create unique promotion codes for increased event attendance and financial accuracy.

Point Of Sales Solutions

Face to face solution for gate and box office sales.

Flexible Donation Amounts

Allow supporters to contribute variable amounts for donation campaigns and initiatives.