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Seneca Choir Concert Tickets

This year Seneca Choir will be using PaySchools Events for selling Holiday Choir Concert tickets. This is different than PaySchools Central - there is no need to log into your PaySchools Central account. You can use the guest checkout feature in PaySchools Events. Families with more than one child in choir should purchase tickets in the oldest choir students name and when prompted to enter an access code you will use your oldest choir students id number.

Seneca Holiday Choir Concert tickets are for sale from Monday, October 14th to Wednesday, October 16th at 2:45 pm.  No later orders will be guaranteed.  Each family will have the option of ordering a maximum of 3 tickets. 

Tickets are $15 each 

For students with 2 parents purchasing tickets, please contact Mrs. Latowski for assistance: [email protected]

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