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8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

WHO:    Grizzlies entering 1st through 6th  grade                       

WHERE: Wadsworth High School Track Stadium

COST:    $50 due by Friday, May 31st 

* Families with more than one child attending will be charged $35 per additional kid.*

Please direct all questions to Head Coach Justin Todd at: [email protected] or (740) 398-6298


-      Fundamentals, competitions, games, team concepts, and skills to create a complete player

-      Camp Staff includes Grizzly Coaches & Players along with current collegiate athletes

The Wadsworth High School football coaching staff believes the youth organization is a direct extension of the varsity program.  Entering our 9th season we feel it is imperative that our involvement in the youth program is significant.  My philosophy on youth football and its alignment with the high school program is below.

1.      Fun – Football is the greatest game invented; it’s a game in which all participants experience enjoyment. 

2.      Feeder program – The youth football teams are direct extensions of the varsity football team and will be run accordingly.  All schemes, terminology, play calls and numbering systems will represent those of the varsity. 

3.      Techniques & Fundamentals – Our youth program will stress the techniques and fundamentals that enable success for the athletes at their current level, but also in the transition to junior high and high school. 

4.      Look to the future – The goal will be to put kids in the best position to be successful when they reach the varsity level.  While winning is important, we will never sacrifice the development of kids to win a youth game. 

Promotion of kids – When the players leave our youth program they WILL feel a sense of self-worth and pride because of their contribution. 

Wadsworth High School Track Field

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