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Lake Orion High School - Troupe 2898’s Production of Clue

Troupe 2898 is proud to present Clue, a farce that follows a dinner party for six strangers who are connected by some mysterious circumstances. The party quickly goes awry, and the partygoers must determine whodunnit before they find themselves the killer’s new victim.

Content Warnings: Clue contains flashing lights, atmospheric effects (i.e. haze and fog), comedic violence, fake blood, and some mature themes.

Clue is written by Sandy Rustin and based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn. It is produced with special arrangements by Playscripts, Inc.

November 16th at 7pm

November 17th at 7pm

November 18th at 2pm

November 18th at 7pm

Student/Senior Tickets: $7

Adult Tickets: $9

All tickets are general admission.

Lake Orion High School Auditorium
495 E. Scripps Rd.
Lake Orion,MI 48360
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Nov 16
Nov 17
Nov 18
Nov 18