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PVRHS Chromebook Insurance 2023-2024

Insurance - $35.00 per school year

Parents/guardians must provide a nonrefundable mandatory insurance fee of $35.00 per school year which covers normal use, mechanical breakdown, or faulty construction, and will provide normal replacement parts necessary to repair or replace the Chromebook.

An “Incident Fee” will be charged for every accidental hardware repair needed after the first incident.  This fee is issued to not only encourage proper use but also to help offset warranty costs. This fee is separate and in addition to the initial $35.00 security deposit which originally secured the Chromebook. There is no cost for software issues.

An incident fee will be charged every time a hardware repair is required from intentional damage or irresponsible use/care of the device (i.e. water spills, missing keys, screen damage, or cracked cases.) 

First incident covered by initial deposit; $50 for second incident; $75 for third incident; $100 for fourth incident and beyond. 

If damage to the device is beyond the scope of the warranty or repair, students/families may be responsible for the replacement value as described below in the district Chromebook policy. Log into Realtime for the full text of the policy and digitally acknowledge the agreement prior to receiving the device.