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Jacket Cares

This event is an ongoing initiative to meet the needs of all students and families in the Three Rivers Community by providing direct support and resources.

Learn more about Jacket Cares by CLICKING HERE.

Donation Opportunities:

Bronze Donation: $15

Silver Donation: $25

Gold Donation: $100

Platinum Donation: $500

Jacket Cares Board Members

With intentional thought and purpose, the Jacket Cares Team takes into consideration the social, emotional, and physical needs of our students.  Please reach out to any of our board members with questions.

Katie Ryan THS Counselor [email protected] 
Alex Lippert TMS Counselor [email protected]  
Tina ColeTRES Counselor [email protected]  
Christina Hughes Board Member [email protected]  
Mark SmileyTHS Principal    [email protected] 

Holly SimmsTMS Principal[email protected] 
Beth JacksonTRES Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Megan Rivet Assistant Superintendent[email protected] 
Lisa WhiteleyDir. of Communication [email protected]  
Susan MillerBoard Member[email protected]
Allison HeiselTHS Counselor[email protected]
Marla HeckmanTHS Counselor[email protected]
Three Rivers School District
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Cleves,OH 45002
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