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Local Level

WMS 8B Canoe Trip

Team 8B's canoe field trip will be May 30th.  Buses leave Waldon at 8:30 a.m. and return by 1:30 p.m. 

Important info:  Students should bring a lunch from home.  They will wear life jackets and should dress for the weather.  They may wish to bring a dry change of clothes that they can leave on the bus.

There is a district permission slip to be signed and returned.  In addition, there is an online waiver from Heavner Canoe Rental:

  1. Go to website
  2. click on school groups
  3. find your group (either Waldon 8A or Waldon 8B)
  4. Click children
  5. fill out top portion with parent/guardian information
  6. fill out bottom portion with student information
  7. click sign
  8. click agree - then you are done

Thank you!

Heavner Canoe Rental
2775 Garden Rd.
Milford,MI 48381
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May 30