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Emerson - Emerson Summer Music Program Private Instrument Lessons

Private Instrument Lessons are available for students who have been playing for at least one year on their instrument between grades 5-12. These lessons will focus on the student’s individual needs to help further his/her individual progress. Lessons will be scheduled by the teacher and will take place at Emerson Jr./Sr. High School, 131 Main Street, Emerson. If you are interested in this class, please reach out to Mr. Baruch at [email protected] or Mr. Butcher at [email protected] to check availability before enrolling.  Students who are also participating in the Summer Theater Program may participate in the Summer Music Program. We can work it out with Mr. Ullman so that your child is able to do both.

$90 for three 30 minute lessons

Contact name: Andre Baruch

Contact email: [email protected]

Emerson Jr/Sr High School
131 Main Street
Emerson,NJ 07630
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