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Perkins High School Presents - Matilda - Patron Letter 2023

Perkins High School’s

Production of



The Musical

Is presented through a special arrangement with Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.mtishows.com

    Music and Lyrics by Book by

    Tim Minchin             Dennis Kelly

Orchestrations and Additional Music - Chris Nightingale

In “Matilda” a young girl named Matilda (Jasmine King) is an outcast in her own family. Her dishonest father Mr. Wormwood (Brodie Bibler) is disappointed she isn’t a boy and her self-absorbed mother Mrs. Wormwood (Cadence Bryant) can’t understand why her daughter enjoys reading and learning. In an attempt to escape her unhappy home life, Matilda reads at the local library where she daydreams, creates, and shares her fictional tales with the compassionate librarian, Mrs. Phelps (Madison Johnson). Hoping to kill her intellectual curiosity, her father enrolls her in the local school run by a terrifying headmistress, Mrs. Agatha Trunchbull (Katelyn Showalter). The school kids live in fear of Trunchbull and her bullying. The “big kids'' warn the “little kids” about Trunchbull’s terrifying antics. However, it’s there where Matilda meets the lovely and nurturing teacher Miss Honey (Noelle Showalter), who encourages her love of learning. Growing more and more isolated at home, Matilda turns to her new friends at school who endure vicious intimidation at the hands of Trunchbull. Matilda decides she has had enough and she encourages her friends to join her in revolting against their tyrannical headmistress. Will they join her? Will she succeed?


Come join us for an evening of musical fun as we present “Matilda” on March 30th, March 31st, and April 1st at 7:00 p.m. in the Perkins High School auditorium. Tickets are $10.00 for adults and students! Tickets can be purchased online until March 29h. Any tickets purchased after March 29th must be purchased at the door.

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