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. The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever: Bexley Grade 4-5 Musical

This is where you purchase tickets for Bexley Grade 4-5 musical, The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever.

All performances will be held in the Schottenstein Theater, 326 S. Cassingham Rd, Bexley OH 43209.

Performance Dates and Times:

September 22 at 7:00PM

September 23 at 7:00PM

September 24 at 2:00PM

September 24 at 7:00PM

Ticket Prices:

$12 Adults

$10 Students

Free for Golden Buckeyes, Lion's Pride Passes, and Staff Members

Length of Musical:  45 min  (there is no intermission)

Rating:  G

PLOT:  Skyler is about to turn 12, and she’s planned the biggest celebration of the year. But in the middle of the party, something mysterious happens – all the adults suddenly vanish! Trapped in the backyard, the kids realize they must create a brand new society. However when they elect Skyler’s older brother, Charlie, as their ruler, things really begin to spin out of control. 

These are tickets to a live performance in the Schottenstein Theater. 

Note:  You must choose your seat from the diagram BEFORE you can put in what type (Adult, Student, or Comp).  A donation is not the same as a ticket.

Comp ticket purchasers will have their Golden Buckeye cards, Lion's Pride Passes, and/or Staff IDs checked at the door.

Schottenstein Theater
326 S. Cassingham Rd.
Bexley,OH 43209
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Sep 22
Sep 23
Sep 24
Sep 24