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PHS Parking Passes- 2022-2023

Vehicle Registration - $30 Registration Fee Required

Senior Paint Your Parking Spot - $60.00

If your child will be driving to school, please make sure your register any vehicle that will be driven by your child to school.


    1. All vehicles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and display a current PHS registration permit, hung from the inside rear view mirror.
    2. All student drivers will be required to park in the designated south student lot and in their chosen numbered space.  Senior Class officers, National Honor Society Officers, and Student Council Officers will be assigned to park on the north side of the guardrail between the school and the south student parking lot.
    3. To facilitate identification, students should park their vehicles front end first, within the lines used to designate a parking space
    4. All students must possess a valid operator's license and have insurance coverage.  The school is not responsible for the vehicle or its contents.
    5. Students must adhere to safe driving procedures and state laws regarding operation of motor vehicles, including the legal number of passengers permitted in a vehicle.
    6. Students are not permitted to drive or park behind the building on school days until after 3:30 p.m.  Bus right of way must be given at all times.
    7. Students involved in athletics or other school activities must park in their assigned area and may not move vehicles to other areas immediately after school.  Those students may park in any area after 3:30 p.m. or on non-school days.
    8. There is to be no loitering in the parking lot.  During the school day, students may not visit the parking lot without permission from Mr. Harbal, Mr. Davie or Mr. Smith.
    9. Any student who desires to drive to school must pass subjects that earn a minimum of five units of credit per year toward graduation during each nine-week grading period.  These students must also earn a minimum 1.50 GPA on a four-point scale during the previous grading period.  Failure to meet these requirements will result in a forfeit of his or her parking pass.  Parking passes can be earned back in subsequent quarters if grades improve.  Students who have repeatedly violated the student handbook policies, especially in regards to behavior and attendance, may also lose driving privileges.  Driving privileges will be determined on a quarterly basis.
    10. The administration has the right to search student properly (including automobiles) on school grounds when there is reasonable cause to believe that a search will result in obtaining evidence that the student my have violated the law or school rules.

    This year the PHS Senior Student Drivers will have the opportunity to paint/personalize their parking space on campus. The paint/personalized parking space will be an additional $60.00 to the cost of the 2022-23 parking permit. The painting day will be on Wednesday, August 17th & Thursday, August 18th from 8am - 2pm. The parking lot will be closed to through traffic on these days - so please park inside the lot or behind PHS.

    You can purchase your permit online and then come in to the Main office to submit your design and pick up your parking permit. Your design MUST be submitted prior to paint day.

    Guidelines for your Design Sketch:

    Think of your space as a t-shirt you would wear to school. Your parking spot must meet the dress code approval. You may include your name only (no boyfriend/girlfriend names), jersey number, instrument you play, hobby, famous quotes or slogans and anything unique that would meet administrative approval. Make it fun!

    What to bring:

    You are responsible for you supplies. You must use EXTERIOR LATEX FLAT PAINT ONLY! No oil based, spray paint, reflective paint or fluorescent paint of any kind. Suggested materials:

    • Broom to sweep area before you start
    • Chalk to sketch your design before painting
    • Paint brushes/ rollers/ roller extension handle
    • Plastic drop cloth to put under paint cans/pans
    • Plastic containers for water, paint and brushes
    • Old cloths or paper towels
    • A bag for your trash
    • Sunscreen, umbrella or canopy & people to help you paint!

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