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Madison Early Childhood Learning Center 2022-2023

Private Pay and JFS Tuition Fees - All tuition fees including JFS copays are to be paid every Monday for the week of service. Weekly tuition fees are charged every Monday. A late fee of $10 will be charged on Thursday if payment has not been received for the week of service. Payment must be paid in full (including late fee) by Friday for the current week, or your child will not be allowed to return the next week until payment is made in full. If no payment has been made for 2 weeks, then your child will be removed from the roster. You may choose to pay bi-weekly, but only if you have a week paid in advance.

Any accounts that are delinquent will result in termination of services and submission to a collection agency. Once submitted to collections, families will not be permitted to return to the program.  MECLC will strictly adhere to and enforce our current payment policy in order to meet our financial obligations.

Late Pick-Up Fees – Parents of children that are picked up after 6:00 pm will receive a notice regarding our policy of late pick-up. Our policy states: First time, a friendly warning will be given. Second time, the parent will be charged $1.00 per minute after 6:00 pm. Third time, Children Services will be contacted and your child may be disenrolled from the program. The fees charged are per child, not family.

Madison Early Childhood Learning Center
1035 Grace St.
Mansfield,OH 44905
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