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2022 CVHS Choir Zap Zone Lock In

Greetings CVHS Choir Families!

On Friday, May 20th we are going to hold an All-Nighter Lock-in at Zap-Zone at 43500 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights, Mi. 48317.

We have the whole building to ourselves (just CVHS choirs). This is a progressive party, meaning a different attraction will be opened every two hours. Our students will be able to play laser tag and arcade games the whole night. Every two hours a different attraction will be opened, such as glo-golf, bumper cars, Springz Trampolines/Ninja Warrior course.

Students are to be dropped off no later than 11:50pm on Friday, May 20th in order to get in. Students MUST be picked up by 6:00am on Saturday, May 21st! If we have students picked up after 6:00am, we run the risk of being charged for that time, which would be charged to the late parties. It is the responsibility of the family to get the student to and from the event on time. Once students are at Zap Zone, they will not be able to leave until 6:00am when they get picked up.

This is a very popular lock-in for local choirs and band. We’ve done this for a number of years and it has always been extremely fun!

Pizza and various snacks will be provided for the students throughout the evening. If you have an allergy to any food, please feel free to bring something for yourself (no peanuts/tree nuts).

If you are a parent/guardian and would LOVE to stay up all night chaperoning, you must fill out the CRC form and include a photocopy of your ID and turn it in with the permission slip.

The total cost for students is $60.00. This includes the unlimited laser tag, access to the arcade (some of the non-ticket games will be open to us for free-play), and progressive attractions. Students will need to bring money for additional tokens if they would like to play other games.

If you have a pair of the trampoline park socks, please bring them with you! Otherwise you will have to buy a pair for $1.00.

All students must adhere to the rules of Zap Zone and the school code of conduct.

The following items MUST be in an envelope with student name and Zap Zone written on the front. This will help prevent it from getting mixed up with other items being turned in for other reasons (Mr. Pecar is not providing envelopes…yes, this means you, as well).


Student Check List

  • Checklist (seriously…check these off as you go, it helps!):
  • Name of student
  • Permission slip
  • Springz Trampoline Waiver (linked on PaySchools Events)
  • Make your payment on PaySchools Events

Parent/Guardian Chaperones Checklist

  • CRC Form
  • Photocopy of State ID (front and back)
  • Name of Chaperone(s) Attending
  • Relationship to student

**Cost for Chaperones is $0.00 and lack of sleep!**This is a great way to wrap up a very busy year. We are excited to spend some time having fun outside of the classroom!

We hope to see you there! -Mr. Pecar

Zap Zone
43680 Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights,MI 48314
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Additional Info/Documentation

Zap Zone Packet


May 20