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E139 HIKING - LEVEL I* Fee: $75

Orientation Class, - Wednesday, October 6, 2021 7:00 - 8:00 PM HS Room: 184

Class will provide an opportunity to meet other hikers and learn about the three

planned hikes. There will be a short slide presentation relating to various aspects of

hiking, e.g., trail etiquette, what to wear, and what a typical hike is like, among other

things along with some handouts.

Attendance is strongly encouraged.

Hike Dates: Sundays, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24 (Three Hikes) Make-up Date (If

necessary): 10/31

This is an introductory class to hiking in the woods and is ideal for those who would

like to learn more about hiking and/or experienced hikers who want a shorter, less

vigorous hike. The hike selection is intended to provide some aspect of history, scenic

views and/or the beauty of nature unspoiled. Hikes will begin promptly at 10:00 AM

and last approximately 3 hours at an easy to moderate pace, and cover a distance

of approximately 3-4 miles. Ascents and decents will be easy to moderate, although

there may be some short steep and rocky sections. Hike locations and detailed

directions will be distributed prior to the first hike. Please include your email address

and cell number, so you may be contacted in the event of late changes to the

schedule. Consult your physician with any health concerns before embarking

on a program of physical activity.

Note: Hikers must agree to follow Covid-19n official health guidelines that may

be in affect at the time (e.g., social distances, mask wearing while on the trails,

etc.) sign off on Release of Liability forms prior to the first hike.

HIKE LEADER: Mario Medici and Co-Leader Karen Rose, both experienced hike

leaders with over 15 years experience. They are also active board members of the

Adirondack Club(ADK) and are certified NY/NJ Trail conference trail maintainers.

Additional Info/Documentation

Download Brochure Here!