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Dakota Lacrosse Fundraiser 2021

Thank you for supporting Dakota Lacrosse, we are excited to enter the 2021 season and we are working extremely hard. We are a self-funded program looking for additional assistance and we are SO GLAD we can count on YOU. Due to the COVID pandemic, our entire 2020 season was wiped out. Not only did we lose out on a season of competition, we also lost out on a year of fundraising; for a self-funded program that means a lot.

The proceeds from this year’s fundraiser will help continue offsetting the overall cost to each player, it will help purchase practice jerseys, protective face shields, new game balls, upgrade outdated equipment and possibly JV uniforms in the future.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Dakota High School Lacrosse Team
21051 21 Mile Road
Macomb,MI 48066
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