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DHS Class of 2021 Personalized Parking Spot Sale

Dakota Class of 2021 Seniors!

You have been given the option to purchase a personalized parking spot for $20. 

This is a private, one time purchase event - you must enter your access code (when prompted) as indicated in the school email you received. 

Click on the lot to zoom in and select a parking spot then click the green continue button and fill in the necessary information to go to check out. You will have 15 minutes to pay for your spot. If you do not pay for the spot within 15 minutes it becomes available for anyone to purchase.   

When the Dakota campus opens back up you will need to purchase a parking pass. You will be notified when parking passes become available for purchase.  Remember, you will not be able to park in your personalized spot unless you are the purchaser of that spot and a parking pass. 

Rules: All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.  Once a spot is purchased, student may paint spot or keep existing paint job.
Dakota High School
21051 21 Mile Road
Macomb,MI 48044
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