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DHS Senior Personalized Parking Spot Pre-sell

You have been given the option to purchase your personalized parking spot from last year. If you did not get a specific invitation to purchase last years personalized parking spot you are in the wrong event! 

Repurchasing last year's personalized parking spot is $20.  Parking spots were numbered over the summer so you must know the number of the spot that you had last year and input that number when asked. Be sure you have the correct number! 

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS EVENT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KEEP YOUR SPOT FROM LAST YEAR!  You will have an opportunity to purchase a different spot in another event.  When the Dakota campus opens back up you will need to purchase a parking pass that corresponds with your spot number. Remember, you cannot park in a personalized spot unless you are the purchaser of that spot and a parking pass.

This is a private, one time purchase event - you must enter your access code (when prompted) as indicated in the district email you received  in order to purchase your spot from last year. 

Rules: All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.  Once a spot is purchased, student may paint spot or keep existing paint job.
Dakota High School
21051 21 Mile Road
Macomb,MI 48044
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